Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Star Wars 'loose' figures - collection

In my childhood, I had a number of the Star Wars figures - many of them survived in my parents garage! They're all un-boxed loose and in various conditions of 'played' with, but mostly still very nice.

Using online auctions, I've been able to add to the collection to replace missing figures, or one's that I never owned.

To date, my collection includes a total of 55 separate figures. Still 22 to collect! That's not including the 'last 17'.

I'd love to have a full set of the first 12. I'm just missing a nice R2D2 solid dome!

And to complete the first Star Wars '77-'79 figures, I need: Snaggletooth and Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot.

I'll have to take a photo soon of all the figures stood together.

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