Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jawa Sandcrawler Playset - ARTWORK

I've had some nice comments and emails recently which has prompted me to share the following artwork - my Jawa Sandcrawler Playset!

Hope you enjoy printing this off and have fun building your own Sandcrawlers.  The design was made to fit on A3 size paper (a common "larger" paper size in the UK). If you've only got an A4 printer, or U.S. size paper formats, you might have to be a bit 'creative' by printing the designs across two sheets of paper.

I trust the following guide helps you with downloading the images and then importing them into software you can print from. If you're already familiar with graphics software, I'm sure you'll have no trouble working with the images.

If you do go ahead and print off the artwork, please share some photos with me - I'd love to see them. You can contact me via the comments below.


The images are exported as .PNG files to keep the filesize small. If all works OK, this should mean that you can:
  • Save a copy of the artwork on your computer (right-mouse click on the picture and select the option to 'save image as').
  • Then open some software to import the image (e.g. Microsoft Word).
  • Import the image. In Microsoft Word 2003, you would need to go to the menu:
  • Insert > Picture > From File.
  • Locate the saved file, select it and click the Insert button.
    The image is now imported into your blank page.
  • Then adjust your page size by going to the menu File > Page Setup.
  • On the "Margins" tab, set all margins to "0" and change paper to "Landscape".
  • On the "Paper" tab, select "A3" paper.
    (If you have to print on 2x sheets of smaller paper, try fitting the image by left-aligning it to print the left side on 'page 1', then right-aligning the image to print the right side on 'page 2' - You'll then have to match up the two sticker pages like wallpaper).
  • Click "OK" to accept your changes.
  • Then click on the picture and go to the menu Format > Picture.
  • On the "Size" tab, set the scale Height to "29.7 cm" and Width to "42 cm" and click OK.
  • Now print! I suggest you print directly on sticky sheet paper and then mount to 5mm black foamboard.
  • Trim and fold the design to fit and attach to your playset.

 Artwork below for saving on your computer: