Friday, 8 February 2013

Tatooine Mos Eisley Cantina Playset

Recently I came across a very cheap Creature Cantina set. It has most of the parts, but the original card backdrop was missing. So, I thought I'd draw my own...

Like with my previous designs, it was going to be a homage to the original vintage effect, rather than a movie-realistic copy.
This got me thinking further... Just add a couple more walls and I could create another new foamboard model. I'd add inside and outside walls to get the following. Notice, this includes a table top for the bar and some additional 'stand out' detailing.

The other walls include the doorway with 'droid detector' and a seating area for Han to chat with Greedo. Maybe in this playset 'drama' neither Han or Greedo shoot - they both just sit down for a nice cup of tea!

Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans will notice I recycled the door from my Blockade Runner artwork. Check out "Episode IV - A New Hope" - they did exactly the same thing in the film.

Fingers crossed on a new printer soon - to bring to life these drawings into 3D models!  Thanks for dropping by and enjoying the artwork.