Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tatooine Mos Eisley Cantina Playset - CUSTOM BACKDROP DESIGN FOR YOU

I've recently joined a couple of great Star Wars forums where a lot of people have shared some kind feedback on the models in my blog. This has resulted in 3000 views of my blog from across the world! Quite surprised, seeing as I started this as just a bit of fun - thanks for the support.

Having hit 3000 views, I wanted to share back with you my latest custom artwork for the Palitoy Cantina Playset. You may have seen my previous blog post talking about the design - now you too can print off the backdrop.

A couple of people shared the dimensions with me, so that I could update the artwork to reflect the new measurements.

I still have a couple of questions about how many folds should there be to create the curved section and how tall are the 'horseshoe' shaped slots?
  • [Update - 13th March: Thanks "MrT" for all the help - I've updated the artwork to reflect the new measurements you shared. Much appreciated, Mark]

Here's the artwork as it currently stands... I've exported this as a .PNG file to keep the filesize small. If all works OK, this should mean that you can:

  • Save a copy of the artwork on your computer (right-mouse click on the picture and select the option to 'save image as').
  • Then open some software to import the image (e.g. Microsoft Word).
  • Import the image.
    - In Microsoft Word 2003, you would need to go to the menu:
    • Insert > Picture > From File.
    • Locate the saved file, select it and click the Insert button.
    • The image is now imported into your blank page.
    • Then adjust your page size by going to the menu File > Page Setup.
    • On the "Margins" tab, set all margins to "0" and change paper to "Landscape".
    • On the "Paper" tab, select "A3" paper or an appropriate size for you to print such as "B ledger 11x17 inch" paper.
    • Click "OK" to accept your changes.
    • Then click on the picture and go to the menu Format > Picture.
    • On the "Size" tab, set the scale Height to "23.5 cm" and Width to "40 cm".
    • Finally move the image to the center of the page using the space and return key.
  • Now print! I suggest you print directly on sticky sheet paper and then mount to card.
  • Trim and fold the design to fit and attach to your playset. 
Please let me know if you make your own Cantina backdrops - I'd love to hear about them.

 Artwork below for saving on your computer:

Update: 20th April...

Ian T, has sent me some photos which he kindly agreed to share via my blog. These take the designs of the Cantina playset and scale them to fit the Kubrick figures. I think these look amazing - really appreciate seeing them. Thanks so much for sharing Ian. 

I'm still waiting on getting a printer (long story on the delay!), so I've been beaten to printing off the artwork and finishing my own model. It's really nice to see it come to life.

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